For fat tyre and thin, for the road or the mountain and everything in between, Bike Melrose have the low down on all things pedal powered in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

We are a membership based organization, working to create a world class cycling experience for our members. The continual support of our members helps us to grow and develop trails, infrastructure and the local community to support cycling ventures in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

The Bike Melrose team have been involved with bringing the cycling community together since our humble beginnings in 2002, when we went by the name of "The Southern Flinders Rough Riders Inc.". We have spent a number of years, predominantly relying on the generosity of volunteers, working with the local community, generous land owners and passionate bike riders alike to create trails and promote the health and lifestyle benefits of cycling from our base in the picturesque town of Melrose.

Fast forward to 2017 and as interest in cycling grew within the community, so did the diversity of the participants and activities. No longer was the cycling community centered around mountain biking on the "rough" and challenging trails that wind around the base of Mount Remarkable - we decided to embrace all forms of cycling - because here, if it's got two wheels and pedals it's sure to be a whole lot of fun!

Under the name Bike Melrose we now have something for everyone, big and small with an interest in powering their adventures through this brilliant part of the world on their own two wheels. We've got road rides, a pump track, a skills park and trails for every member of the family!

18/6 Hours of Melrose

23rd August - 24th August 2024

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We can't start a race at noon on Friday because a lot of folks work. We couldn't finish at noon Sunday and expect people to stick around. So, we start at the practical time of 10pm Friday night and we race through the night, to finish on Saturday at 4pm, with plenty of time to hang out, do another ride and celebrate the weekend in Melrose SA. That, coupled with a racecourse that runs right through the camp, will make this a special time for all.

The feedback from last year was so positive, we're repeating the format! Race headquarters will be at the Camp Kitchen, Melrose Caravan & Tourist Park. If you intend to camp, you must book and pay. Day parking will not be allowed on the western side of the creek.

18hr riders - Start at 10pm Friday, finish at 4pm Saturday
6hr riders - Start at 10am Saturday, finish at 4pm Saturday
The course will be marked and open for practice from 2pm Friday

Presentations outside race headquarters will be as soon as reasonably possible after race finish, then hit the pubs for dinner! (Bookings advised)

Entry Categories

Duration Category Gender/Combo Price per rider(*)
6 Hours Solo Male 65
Solo Female 65
Pairs Male 55
Pairs Female 55
Pairs Mixed 55
Youth (Teams of 4)
(age 12 - 15 years)
Any combo 35
Minis (Teams of 4)
(age 8-11 years)
Any combo 25
Ebike Pairs Any combo 55
18 Hours Solo Male 115
Solo Female 115
Pairs Male 105
Pairs Female 105
Pairs Mixed 105
Teams of 4 Male 95
Teams of 4 Female 95
Teams of 4 Mixed 95

(*) Entry is per rider. If racing teams, please provide a team name at entry so we can match you up with your team mates.

You will be given a race plate with a transponder on it that you MUST return. Please ensure if you have any questions regarding your time / race plate etc see our timing director before the race. Presentation won't be able to start until all race plates are accounted for, so don't be that person.

What do I need to bring?

Each rider must have the following equipment whilst on the course.

  • A correctly maintained mountain bike
  • Australian Standards certified cycling helmet
  • 1 full water bottle
  • 1 functioning front light, 1 functioning rear light and a spare white light whilst dark
  • Aus Cycling licence: A day licence can be purchased on line registration